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Days go by
You wait
You know your time will come
Time ticks past
Tensions grow
You wish your time would come
The next thing you know
You're running
Trees go by
You move
You know it is your time
Birds fly past
Flowers grow
You wish you understood
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The Remembrance
The Remembrance by Leann Toothaker
Slowly, the man came to a stop. He seemed to be staring out into space, not really looking at anything, but then he spoke, "Them there trees, they be the home ta an ol', ol' house. And that house got plenty a history behind it, it does." At first, the visitors were confused, and started to ask their guide what he was explaining, and that's when they saw it. It was as if the old building had just appeared out of a Halloween tale, and only the people who had been informed about it could lay eyes onto it.
"This be the Pattson Mansion. Long, long years ago, two families from the next town along the way, called Mitchton, came along and builded this home. It housed two men, brothers they were, and their housewives. All together, them had three childs; a mater and two youngin' beauties."
Slowly, the man walked closer to the house, ever so cautiously. It was as if he were watching for something to jump out and attack him, but then, without any of
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Please, Help
~Please, Help~
What do you do when your world falls apart?
   When your friends leave you?
And your family isn't any better?
When you're supposed to be everybody else's rock?
   And you're crumbling under all the weight and pressure?
And you start slipping down the hill, into the river below?
How am I supposed to handle all of this?
   The weight of my schoolwork?
The pressure from my friends and family?
Why do people leave you?
   Why do they ignore you and change friends?
Why does your family get sick, and not any better?
What am I supposed to do?
   I'm not the all-knowing one.
I need help and I need advice.
   Please, Someone, Help Me...
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-Immediately I burst into tears
   -I have only now just stopped, for a second
-Now I am crying, yet again, in the dark
   -Nothing can stop the tears from coming
-Or stop them from flowing from my eyes
   -It seems like my soul is pouring from me
-Never to be returned or brought back
   -Leaving me here, all alone, to fend for myself
-Broken, shattered and in pieces, lying on the floor, crying
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Mean Something
here I am
alone and cold
out in the world
out to die alone
to die slowly, sadly
there you are
alone and cold
out in the world
out to die alone
to die slowly, sadly
when i am to die
i will have died
and i would have meant something
because i will have made something
done something
or helped someone
that i will be remembered forever for
but when you are to die
you may have died
and you may not have meant anything
because you have not yet made anything
done anything
or helped anyone
that you will be remembered for
that is, besides being the father
of a woman who did something great with her life
a woman who meant something
who made something
did something
or helped someone
that she was remembered for
but you were the father
who was never there
never cared
who has not yet meant anything
has not made anything
done anything
or helped anyone
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United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Beavis & Butthead, Snoopy
Personal Quote: I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I'm not!


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